Let's improve our work environment?

To define an increasingly better environment and ensure a healthier and more positive day to day, the Lotus ICT makes this channel of dialogue available to its partners, employees, and suppliers.

What is it used for?

  • To clarify doubts
  • To suggest improvements
  • To receive feedback on behaviors that are not in accordance with our way of thinking and acting and that are being practiced in our company.

If you have questions about behavior that is not in line with the company's values, please consult our Code of Ethics.

About Safe Contact

The Lotus ICT has partnered to launch this new communication channel, to receive suggestions and reports of unethical or inconsistent with our way of thinking and acting.

To operate this channel, we hired an outsourced and totally independent company called Safe Contact. This company serves organizations from the most different segments, in several states of Brazil, contributing to the transparency process and to the maintenance of the clients' ethical principles.

This channel provides a secure and anonymous tool for employees to report the occurrence of facts potentially harmful to Lotus ICT. In addition, the channel also allows employees to make suggestions for improvements in operational processes.

A specialized team from Safe Contact will receive the calls or messages via this website, make a first analysis and direct the reports to the committee. This committee will be responsible for analyzing, investigating and taking action when necessary.

No employee will be identified and everyone who accesses this channel will receive a protocol number, with which they can access the channel again and find out how the issue they reported is progressing.