FinOps: Cost Management in the Cloud

What is FinOps? FinOps, or Financial Operations in the Cloud, is a set of practices and tools designed to align financial goals with technical decisions. By implementing FinOps, organizations can achieve greater visibility, accountability and optimization of their cloud spending, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Main benefits of FinOps:

  • Strategic Alignment: Al igns financial goals with technical decisions to create synergy between the finance and operations teams.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Provides an in-depth view of cloud spending, enabling informed decisions and optimization strategies.
  • Financial Responsibility: Promotes financial responsibility, boosting efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Cost Optimization: Ensures refined control over costs in the cloud and lays the foundations for solid financial governance.

FinOps Life Cycle

  1. Inform: Gain visibility and allocate resources efficiently.
  2. Operate: Implement continuous improvement and operation strategies.
  3. Optimize: Using cloud resources effectively to reduce costs.

FinOps Adoption Roadmap

  1. Plan: Draw up a plan, involve initial stakeholders and allocate resources.
  2. Socialize: Suggest KPIs, present to stakeholders and create a communication plan.
  3. Prepare: Establish the Steering Committee and align the operating model.
  4. Promote: Implement tools, create KPI dashboards and document the first benefits.
  5. Achieve: Execute the communication plan, promote responsibility and boost savings.

Use Cases

1. AnSpacePay: High Performance Payments Platform

  • Challenge: High cloud costs.
  • Solution: Carried out an assessment, redesigned the architecture and adopted a multi-cloud model.
  • Result: Achieved a 76% reduction in cloud costs, allowing the platform to process 5,000 to 17,000 PIX transactions per minute with a response time of 3 seconds.
  • Challenge: High cloud consumption and need for architectural improvements.
  • Solution: Carried out an assessment, redesigned the architecture and migrated 100% to a new cloud provider.
  • Result: Significant cost reduction and improved system performance.

2. Ticket Sports: Ticketing Platform

  • Challenge: High cloud costs.
  • Solution: Carried out an evaluation, re-architected the solution and kept the project in Azure.
  • Result: Achieved a nominal reduction of 21.05% in cloud costs.

FinOps benefits

  • Reducing Expenses: Identifying and effectively eliminating unnecessary costs.
  • Resource optimization: Empowering IT teams to optimize the use of resources.
  • Planning and Budgeting: Effective financial management, with a clear vision for budgets and planning.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation: Allocating resources strategically for innovation and growth.

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