Multi-Vendor Operation Service

Current Challenges

Today's technological trends and disruptions are changing the role and behavior expected of IT and the entire network infrastructure. Digital transformation has brought IT and technical areas closer to business areas, reinforced by hybrid environments that bring with them an increase in suppliers. The focus has shifted from the current operation and maintenance routines to more project- and business-oriented activities.

  • More complex environments
  • Greater governance with lower costs
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Digitalization and new technologies
  • Hybrid infrastructure (Cloud x Physical)
  • Multi-vendor governance

Our approach

Lotus ICT Command Center:

A management layer with modular solutions that serve as a single point of contact between the customer and suppliers, maintaining the benefits of the multivendor model, but integrating controls, reports and operational flow. This facilitates problem resolution, reduces support costs and avoids other hidden costs.

Services offered

  1. SPC (Single Point of Contact) governance
  2. Service Management
  3. ITSM (Governance + Integrated Management)
  4. Analytics
  5. Automation

Main benefits

  • Reduction of hidden and recurring costs
  • Faster problem solving
  • Integrated governance with consolidated information
  • Transparency and impartiality in communication between clients and suppliers
  • Improving SLAs (N1/N2)

Case Study

Multi-Vendor Transpetro Datacenter Operations with Lotus ICT to Reduce Communication Costs and Extend Equipment Lifecycle

  • Challenges: Extended warranty for multi-vendor servers.
  • How we help Reducing maintenance costs, improving established SLAs, replacing parts and sustaining the operating environment.

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